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Choosing A Jewellery Gift


First of all, don’t leave it until the last minute, think well in advance, rush or impulse purchases can spell disaster! Saying that, if you see something you love don’t ignore it, going with your instinct can be good. Here are some tips…..

  • What’s your budget? People worry when they want to buy a bracelet, they need to fill it with charms….NO! A charm bracelet is very personal to the recipient, we would recommend only choosing 4 or 5 charms maximum, let them decide what to add after that. Not everyone wants a full bracelet, some prefer just one charm, we do recommend a safety chain though.

  • Think about who you are buying for…what do they like? Are they family orientated, do they love a pet, a job, a hobby? All of our pendant charms also fit necklaces, this can be the ideal gift. We also stock rings, earrings & anklets but stock is very changeable.

  • Match the gift to the person. Are they traditional, quirky, trendy, glam? Look at what they currently wear, that will give the biggest clue.

  • ASK US!!! Or get some advice from someone who know them.
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