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How To Choose Charms For Your Bracelet

Charm bracelets are possibly the most customisable piece of jewellery on the market, and they encourage the owner to build their own bespoke and unique style that tells a story through the medium of charms.

The charm bracelet has become a stylish staple for modern women, but whether you’re looking for charms for yourself, or as a gift for someone else, we have a look at some tips on how to buy charms.

Whether you want to celebrate an important life event or find a charm that relates to a horoscope,  with the modern trend for charms being rather minimalist, it can be tough to narrow down the choices available to find the right charm for you.


Simple and understated

Start with a single charm that means something important to you, such as a major life event, for example, the birth of a child or maybe graduation from university.


Tell your own story

The most unique aspect of a charm bracelet is its ability to tell a story, and the charms you choose should reflect your hopes, dreams, aspirations, challenges, as well as the many successes and important milestones reached.

Essentially, this means you should not rush to ‘complete’ your charm bracelet, and instead, as life unfolds, you can purchase charms that relate to your story. As your experiences broaden, your bracelet fills up until the weight of your bracelet speaks to the richness of your life.


Showcase your travels

Those who wander are not always lost, and having keepsake charms on your bracelet from the places you have visited is a means to always keep your travel memories close, and never be or feel lost.


Switch your charms in and out

There are no hard and fast rules about your chart collection, and you can keep it versatile by switching charms around depending on the time of year, a festive holiday, or current life events.


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