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Safety First

As well as cleaning your jewellery there are some other considerations.....
Safety Chains
We have all seen the pleas on FB and other social media sites regarding people looking for their lost jewellery, don’t let it happen to you! A safety chain on your charm bracelet will vastly reduce the risk of losing your bracelet & stop charms falling off when you remove it. Safety chains can be very decorative so are also an attractive addition to your bracelet, they can also be the ideal gift for someone who has a bracelet but no safety chain. Loosing a bracelet or charm is very upsetting, as each item usually represents something about that person and many are gifts from loved ones. We have a number of safety chains available on our website in our Bracelets, Chains & Anklets Collection
Pictured is our Heart Dangle Safety Chain 
Wearing your jewellery
Any jewellery that dangles or has protruding parts carries the risk of damage or snagging. We recommend that you be aware of this when choosing what to wear with your jewellery, jumpers are generally a no-go area!
Sleeping in any type of jewellery is definitely not a good idea! The chances of snagging or lying heavily on your jewellery is highly increased. Although Stirling silver is a lot stronger than pure silver, it is still prone to damage if enough pressure is applied, our advice is to take off all jewellery before going to bed.
Silver verses house hold chemicals are sadly not a match made in heaven. Although the damage may not be immediately apparent, it will dull the finish and may cloud any stones within the settings. We suggest you either remove your jewellery or, use gloves that stop the chemicals coming into contact with them.
Showering & washing in your jewellery is also not recommended. The reasons are similar to the ones for house hold chemicals, the products used may dull your silver and cloud/clog the stones and settings. You will find over time your jewellery has lost its sparkle, this is due to contact with soap and other cleansing products, we suggest you remove all jewellery before washing.
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