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The Hidden Language of Women – When Jewellery Is More than Just an Accessory

We are what we wear. Jewellery has been a silent code for centuries, for resourceful women to communicate their thoughts and feelings to anyone with the wit to look carefully.

Charm bracelets predate the Ancient Egyptians, who were buried with specific charms designed to communicate their identities to the spirits of the afterlife.

Religion played a large part in the development of communication via jewellery, as people persecuted for their beliefs looked for ways to quietly show their faith to others who shared their beliefs.

Charm bracelet fever swept across Europe after Queen Victoria, the mother of British Girl Power, began to openly wear and share charm jewellery. The most powerful woman on Earth was no stranger to strong emotion, and used her charm bracelets to show the feelings that weren’t permissible for a woman in her position to declare openly.

When in mourning for her beloved Prince Albert, she added several charms to express her grief, including a miniature portrait of her deceased husband in a locket.

Women all over the world continue to follow Queen Victoria’s example, using charms and jewellery to tell their story through beautiful symbols and imagery. Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Allbright was renowned for using her jewellery to convey the unsayable, and wrote a book about her use of jewellery once she left office. After Saddam Hussein called her a serpent, she made a point of wearing a gold snake brooch to her meetings and press conferences with Iraqi officials.

Here at The Bee Charm, we are proud to be part of this ancient conversation. We’ve got a wide range of sterling silver charms you can use to tell your story.

Our beautiful Angel Wings collection is the perfect way to keep the memory of a loved one with you always.

Our Bee Unique collection gives voice to your differences, and lets you share the most important details of your identity – with anyone observant enough to notice!

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