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What Your Favourite Animal Says About You

Everyone has an animal that they seem to love the most out of the vast, diverse beautiful animal kingdom.

Whilst in some cases it can be for reasons as simple as admiring their patterned coat or being dazzled by a colour scheme, in other cases, it can be because that animal represents a particularly important aspect of life.

Here are the most popular animals on sterling silver charms, and what this might say about you.



The symbol of Manchester itself the bee is a very important symbol of togetherness and strength through unity. The bee on its own is beautiful and hard-working, but through the collective is truly unstoppable.



Our best friends and faithful hounds are often used as a symbol of protective, loyal and unconditional adoration.

Dogs are excitable, aggressive and fiercely loyal, loving unconditionally and manifesting that adoration in practical ways, such as giving gifts providing protection and companionship.



Cat lovers and owners understand the true reality that they own the cast in name only. The only ruler of a cat’s destiny is themselves, and people who love cats deeply appreciate that trait of self-confidence and nonconformity.

Black cats in the UK in particular are seen as lucky, with cats often being symbols of favour and good fortune, particularly for fishermen at sea.



People who love giraffes also tend to love to stand out and express pride in who they are but also embrace a sense of peacefulness and calmness. 

Giraffes can keep their heads above water when no other animal can, so they are often seen as a symbol of calm. Others see the giraffe as a symbol of practicality even when pursuing their dreams.



For people who love butterflies, they see them as a symbol of the soul. They emerge through difficult or changing times as a newer, better version of themselves.

The butterfly’s beauty cannot be removed from the chrysalis, the cocoon that the butterfly emerges from when they are ready.

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